"a touching depiction of people trying their best despite overwhelming social odds."

"bracingly alive... hearkens back to the raw, adventurous American cinema of the '60s and '70s."

"Every once in a while a film comes along that is so honest, and so deeply personal, it might challenge those brave enough to view it to contemplate their own life... [flesh and blood] is a very raw, heartfelt film with a hint of hope that shines through."

"Quietly searing... Webber harnesses the natural dynamics of offscreen bonds, however strong or frayed they may be."

"Commingling elements of fiction and documentary is the trickiest kind of creative alchemy – a challenge Flesh and Blood rises to with results that are consistently interesting."

"Completely unique and quiet, yet powerful family drama... A damn fine film... Creativity at this level deserves to be rewarded."

"Flesh and blood, along with sweat and tears, a powerful movie can make." 

"Beautiful to behold. Gritty, revealing, but most importantly, realistic."

"A striking and honest piece of art, examining the complex layers of human relationships." 

"Webber is unafraid, exposing the rawness of genuine human emotion."